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Resources for those seeking information on the crisis in Darfur, a contemporary case of genocide, provided by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Foundation

What Is Genocide? - The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The USHMM does not mention the events surrounding Idi Amin on its timeline of genocide events, which raises the question: Is it genocide?

Idi Amin: The Wild Man of Africa - TIME Magazine article

I Knew Idi Amin - Al Jazeera English. This documentary chronicles Amin's life with the help of those that actually knew him. The two-part video is on YouTube.

General Idi Amin Dada: An Autoportrait - Idi Amin's autobiographical documentary was captured by a French film crew in the 1970s. Note that it does contain some material that may be offensive to certain viewers, including video footage of an execution. This links to a page within this site.

- a website devoted to Amin that is purportedly run by his son. However, I found this site somewhat difficult to navigate.

In addition to these resources, the sites listed in my bibliography can also be helpful.